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Welcome to apartment house Laurinska 9 in Bratislava!



Apartment house L9 offers you a modern accommodation in the absolute centre of Bratislava, 9 apartments on Laurinská Street 9.  Apartments are located in the historical centre of Old town, in a quiet area of the pedestrian zone and they form a part of the Town Conservation Reserve.  Apartments are surrounded by many important historical monuments of old Bratislava like Primatial palace, Old town hall, Franciscan´s church or historical building of the Slovak national theatre. In an immediate neighbourhood of our residence „Apartment house L9“ there is also situated the tourist information centre of Bratislava. 


Apartments L9 are situated in a historical building, which originally developed from two old Renaissance houses of the Old town. They come from the second half of 16th century and they were joined and rebuilt in Baroque style in the 18th century.  All apartments are completely furnished, prepared to provide you comfort and relax during your visit of our capital of Slovak republic. Our apartments will charm you because of the magic of their history and you will feel this atmosphere in every place of the building. You can find here unique pieces of the historical architecture like original stone stairs or ceilings with vaults. The aim of our apartments after the reconstruction from 2006 is to join the long-time history with the atmosphere of the modern and comfortable living in the absolute historical centre of the Old town of Bratislava.   


Apartments L9 are looking forward to your visit and thanks to their special location they offer you not only the historical centre at your fingertips but also shopping possibilities in nearby and new shopping centre EUROVEA.  


Why apartments L9?

- We are in the absolute centre of Bratislava

- We are directly in the cultural and historical centre of the city

- We connect the historical environment with the modern and comfortable accommodation

- Special prices when long stay

- All important things including shopping possibilities and cultural events are at your fingertips – pedestrian movement  

- Possible guarded parking in an underground garage on Uršulínska Street – approximately 250 m from L9

- We provide more services on request like:  tourist guide, transport from/ to the airport, tickets to the theatre, concerts or other cultural events



Laurinská Street where our apartment house is located was an important part of the medieval town. There was an entrance to this street through the gate of St. Lawrence. It was named after the church of St. Lawrence that was standing in front of the gate. In Middle Ages St. Lawrence was considered a patron of travellers. The Gate of St. Lawrence – Laurinská was situated 300 metres from Apartments L9 and it was one of four gates of medieval Bratislava. It was built in the middle of the 14th century and it was there until 1778 when it was destroyed because of the demolition of internal walls of the town. Location of the medieval gate is represented by the grate that is hanging at the beginning of the street very close to our Apartments L9.

Sometimes Laurinská Street together with Panská was the longest street in the Old town. This street joined the eastern and the western gate of the town and its name was Long Street.


Apartments L9 are situated in a house that was in its ancient history called Paracelzushaus, because according to some historical documents one famous doctor and alchemist Paracelsus Philipus Aureolus Theoprastus Bombastus von Hohenheim reportedly lived here when he visited Bratislava in 1537. He knew how to heal some serious illnesses. He was hosted here in Bratislava by the town council of Bratislava and it is said that he made one interesting experiment. He burned a rose and then from its ash he returned it to its original state.


On the facade of the apartment house Apartments L9 on the corner you can see a guideline from the winter flood from 1850. This line reminds us the former power of the river Danube. This winter flood was one of the strongest floods in Bratislava. Nowadays the house where are apartments L9 is on the list of cultural monuments of the city of Bratislava.