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City guide


Monuments in surroundings of L9:


Primate´s palace – is a unique neoclassical palace in Old Town of Bratislava. Originally it was a residence of the archbishop of Esztergom. Today is a property of the town and there is also a seat of the major of Bratislava. In the palace you can see the only completely conserved set of 6 tapestries, which are connected with an interesting history.   


Old town hall – is a dominant of Main square. Today you can visit there the Bratislava City Museum.  


Church of Franciscans – is the oldest church in the Old town. The original upper part of the tower was replaced in 19th century, but we can still see it in the Park of Janko Kráľ.


Academia Istropolitana – is the oldest university of present-day Slovakia and one of the oldest universities of Royal Hungary. In 1465 it was established by the king Matthew Corvin. In those times it had 4 faculties of: law, medicine, theology and philosophy.


St. Martin´s Cathedral – since 1563 till 1830 Bratislava was a coronation town of Hungarian kings. They were crowned in the Cathedral of St. Martin. As a symbol of the coronations there is a gold-plated crown on the top of the tower.  11 kings and 8 royal wives were crowned in this cathedral.


Michael´s gate – is the only entrance gate that has been conserved till now. In the medieval town there were originally 4, but 3 of them were destroyed. In the tower there is a museum of weapons and from the top of the tower you can see whole Old Town.


Bratislava castle – is a dominant of the city. The aspect that you can see today mirrors the baroque times of Maria Theresa, but its history goes much further. Bratislava castle was built as a defence residence of king Sigismund of Luxemburg.


Other interesting places of Bratislava:


Castle Devín – Castle Devín was always very important because of its special location on the confluence of rivers Morava and Danube. It offers a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape and the neighbouring Austria. You can go to Devín by a ship which goes directly from the centre of Bratislava.


Evangelical Lyceum on Konventná Street – was an important place of Slovak national awareness and it is connected with many important personalities of the generation of Ľudovít Štúr.  


Villa Rustica - is an archaeological locality and site of the rests of one building from the Roman Empire. There are rests of the private roman spa building.


Slavín – is a monument of members of The Soviet army, who died during the freeing of Bratislava and its surroundings in 1945. It is also a cemetery of 6847 soldiers of The Soviet army.


Blue church – represents our country in the Park Mini Europe in Brussels. This church is consecrated to St. Elisabeth, who is one of the patrons of the town.


Bridge SNP and UFO – the bridge was given a prize “Construction of the century” in the range of technical constructions. At the top of the pylon in a height of 85m there is a restaurant called UFO with a beautiful view of whole Bratislava.